6 practical tips to keep your orchids blooming!

One of the most beautiful and unique exotic flowers, which, if kept in the right conditions, will shed its flowers almost non-stop.

However, a few rules should be followed, otherwise the orchid will not produce flowers. As with all plants, orchids require patience and persistence. Here are 6 important rules to follow.

1. Pay attention to the root system

If the roots of the orchid are in order, beautiful and healthy, then you can expect flowers. In specialist shops, you can get flower pots with holes, which have been developed exclusively for orchids, so that their root system can develop even better.

2. Light

Orchids love light, but they should not be left in direct sunlight. It can withstand the heat, but only if you spray it with water from time to time, because it likes a humid climate, but the small buds from which the leaf emerges should not be exposed to water, because it promotes the development of mold.

3. Watering, moisture

It is usually enough to water it every 1-2 weeks in winter, and 2-3 times a week in summer. If the root system is greenish, you need to pour a little water on the plant.

4. Temperature

Temperature fluctuations also affect the orchid’s flowering. The plant likes cool nights, when the temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius, and during the day it is 20-25 degrees Celsius in the apartment.

5. Nutrition

A special orchid formula available in flower shops that stimulates flowering and makes the plant stronger and more resistant.

6. Incentive

If flowering has occurred and there are no more buds, wait a week. If nothing happens after seven days, cut the stem back to the fourth small knot, moving from top to bottom, so that after a few weeks or months your orchid will start blooming again.

Credit: Gardening Growth Tips

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