Girl abandoned at birth for her looks wants to prove the world wrong – she now models for Vogue

Once upon a time there was a story, about a baby girl with albinism who was cruelly abandoned by her own parents. They found her appearance too unusual and it made them feel uneasy so they left her at the doorstep of an orphanage. However don’t let this sad beginning dampen your spirits because her story takes an turn.

Albinism is a condition that affects people from various races and backgrounds causing a lack of melanin in the skin, hair and eyes. Unfortunately those who have this condition are often seen as different. Unfairly stigmatized, in less developed parts of the world.

Sixteen years ago, in China an extraordinary girl came into the world with albinism. Her parents were captivated by the beauty of her complexion but made the heartbreaking decision to leave her at an orphanage shortly after she was born. This difficult situation touched the hearts of the individuals working at the orphanage who named her Xueli. A name that lovingly reflects both her snowy appearance and inherent beauty.
However little did they know that her future would bring her into the embrace of a family, from the Netherlands. This family would leave a lasting impression on her life filled with love and affection.

As time went by when Xueli was eleven years old she caught the attention of a photographer from Hong Kong. This talented artist invited Xueli to be part of a fashion event called ” imperfections,” which celebrated the beauty found in the diverse souls of individuals.

In parts of our world there is a belief that the bones of people with albinism possess miraculous healing properties. Unfortunately this belief leads to horrifying practices where limbs are amputated. Amidst all this turmoil Xueli considers herself fortunate to have only experienced abandonment.

With the rise of media Xuelis stunning face made its way into the world. A photographer, from London spotted her captivating beauty. Quickly became her mentor helping her rise to become featured on Vogue Italias June 2019 cover.
However our protagonist initially failed to grasp the significance of this milestone only gradually realizing it as she witnessed the excitement and enthusiasm it sparked among the masses.

In a moment of reflection Xueli expressed her thoughts on the changing landscape of media representation. The days of norms are fading away as more and more attention is given to individuals, with disabilities or unique qualities portraying them as beacons in their own right. Yet she longs for a future where such inclusivity becomes the norm. Where lines that divide individuals blur and the vibrant aspects of existence are celebrated.

Xuelis insight extends beyond perception; her visual impairment allows her to appreciate the symphony of human voices and the depths of their souls. In this tapestry we call life each persons inner beauty shines like a gem far surpassing superficial appearances with its radiant brilliance.

Undeterred by the challenges she has faced Xueli embarks on a mission to raise awareness about albinism and dispel its nature. Her resounding message echoes, across the globe affirming that albinism is merely an occurrence of any malevolent curse.
She strongly emphasizes that we should see individuals as “people, with albinism ” acknowledging their identities than confining them unjustly to the label of “albino,” which fails to capture the depth of who they truly are.

In her unwavering determination Xueli is driven to defeat the source of killings targeted at children who have albinism. Through her advocacy and flourishing modeling career she strives for a world where inclusivity and compassion reign supreme where every individuals unique and marvelous essence is celebrated.
We are so glad there are people as this 16-year-old beauty out there who teach us that it is the differences that make this world a beautifully colorful place.

Credit: Kuluckada

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