Seal’s had his trademark face scars for more than 30 years – this is why

It’s not easy to make it in the music business. Many artists and bands oftentimes have to fight years and years before anything happens. Yet sometimes, things just seem to work out perfectly.

For Seal, it was that. The British singer became a sensation even before releasing his first album – and he’s been a star ever since. Also known for his marriage to Heidi Klum, Seal has done plenty of things during his life, and it wasn’t actually music he focused on from the start.

Aside from his amazing voice, Seal is also known for the scars on his face. But how did he get them? This is all you need to know about Seal!

Many people dream about a life in the music business: releasing albums; touring all over the world; living like a rich superstar.

Throughout history, we’ve seen artists that have been very young when making their breakthrough. The likes of The Beatles and Celine Dion were only teenagers when they became worldwide-known artists, but that’s not the case for everyone.

Seal’s unique career

In fact, making it later in life is somewhat more inspiring if you ask me. If you follow your passion through life, it doesn’t matter that you fought 10 or 20 years to make it happen. Achieving a dream truly is the result of not giving up, and that’s something we can all learn from.

One person whose career took off a little later than usual is Seal. The British artist released his debut album at the age of 28, and ever since, his music has greatly impacted people all over the world.

Not only did Seal become famous because of his music, but his marriage to Heidi Klum also elevated his celebrity status. The couple split in 2012.

At the same time as Seal is a big time star, he has never gotten too big for his boots. In fact, he’s still the same person he was before turning into a celebrity, helping young artists to fulfil their dreams.

There are many things that make Seal special, but one thing that marks him as truly unique is something he can’t help. The now famous scars upon his face have become somewhat of a trademark look – we can’t imagine how he’d look without them.

But how did he get the scars from the beginning? Well, we can reveal that it doesn’t have anything to do with him being in a fight.

Seal – early life

Seal was born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel on February 19, 1963 in London, England. His childhood was everything but a smooth ride. In fact, Seal’s upbringing was pretty traumatic. He was raised in foster care before living and being raised by his stepmother and father. It was difficult, since his father was harsh on him.

In the midst of all the horrible things Seal went through as a child, music quickly became his salvation.

“I’ve often described music as being the one thing that saved me,” Seal said. “We just talked about the perils of loneliness and the ensuing tragedy of being alone. Well, I have been lucky in that ever since I discovered music, I’ve always had that to turn to. She’s always been that friend, that ear that has listened, always.”

For Seal, music became the one thing that made him feel as if he had someone to lean on, like he wasn’t “completely abandoned”. It was something that cleansed his soul, and by an early age, he thought plenty about what music actually did to him.


He didn’t look at it as something that was just there to be listened to. Rather, he understood it served a greater cause.

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