I Accidentally Overheard My Wife’s Conversation with Her Friend — Now, I Want to Leave Her

A Reddit user opened up about some life-changing experiences he endured. But after surviving a life-threatening disease, he did not think he would face the reality of losing the one constant thing in his life.

A married man who battled a disease that changed his life completely was grateful to still have his wife despite losing many of his abilities. But he found himself facing one of his biggest fears.

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The Redditor posted under the “Off My Chest” sub, to speak his mind and unleash his emotional baggage, saying, “I’m going to make myself the villain,” after he realized how his wife genuinely felt for him behind his back.

The Original Poster (OP) had lost nearly ten years of his life battling a severe degenerative disease. His career, house, pride, and everything else that put a smile on his face were replaced with pain, surgeries, medicines, and a wheelchair.

OP said he could walk no more than 20 feet and couldn’t carry anything over a few pounds. For the past ten years, he’d lost most of the fun things he recalled doing. Amid his struggles, the one thing OP felt he’d never lost was love.

The Redditor’s wife always walked the extra mile to support him. Although OP appreciated her efforts, he often told her to let him know if anything she did for him was too much. But since she never brought up anything related, OP assumed she had no issues at all.

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One day, OP was trying to put on his shoes in the hallway when he overheard his wife talking to her friend. For some reason, he said she must have thought he’d already left to pick up their son from his Airsoft practice.

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