My Husband Gifted Me a Christmas Present That Outraged Me – Next Year, I Plotted a Revenge

After a woman’s husband gifted her a Christmas present clearly meant for himself, she plotted revenge. She waited a year to get the last laugh against her selfish husband.

For years, a couple didn’t usually give each other Christmas presents due to their financial situation. Instead, the wife would always only buy for their children and her in-laws.

One Christmas, however, her husband came home with a large box about ten days before Christmas. He excitedly told her that he got it for her. After what transpired, the woman shared her story on Reddit. Surprisingly, she wasn’t alone, as many others shared similar experiences.

Christmas tree with gifts underneath | Source: Pexels

Christmas tree with gifts underneath | Source: Pexels

The Woman Felt Something Was off with the Gift

The woman wasn’t as excited about the gift as her husband was. “Intuition,” she admitted. She felt it was her husband’s way to splurge on something he wanted for himself.

Come Christmas Eve, everyone is opening gifts. The woman’s husband hurried her to open the present he got for her, claiming she would love it. The woman calmly opened the box and saw a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. To say she was pissed was an understatement.

Vacuum cleaner | Source: Pexels

Vacuum cleaner | Source: Pexels

The woman was content sweeping and mopping the floor as they had hardwood and linoleum floors. She did not need the vacuum cleaner. Then, her husband’s true intentions came out — he said he needed the vacuum cleaner for his garage as it even picked up water.

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