This world-famous pop star weight gain had fans concerned

Fans are concerned about a well-known pop star who has been in the news recently due to her weight gain rather than the release of a new song.

The pandemic complicated her life and undoubtedly worsened her general health. Fans hardly recognized her when a picture of her was published.

There’s no denying that she gained weight, but what matters more is how her fans responded to it.

You probably still don’t know who we talk about. She is the renowned actress Lana Del Rey

However, a lot of people were unaware that she was purportedly struggling with an eating disorder. Though Lana Del Rey hasn’t confirmed it in public, there have been some online rumors that she suffered from anorexia.

Nevertheless, she sings, “I’m a fan of the pro-ana nation,” in the lyrics of her unreleased song Boarding School, which is based on American boarding school culture. I take the pills to stop myself from craving fast food.This suggests that Lana struggled with drug addiction, anorexia, and eating disorders.

In a leaked paparazzi photo, the Born to Die singer flashed her gams while shopping while sporting a pair of cropped denim shorts.

Her outfit was finished with a black face mask, white sneakers, and a “Baseball Mom” cap.

Many people are curious as to how someone who was previously so thin could gain so much weight. No matter how many personal issues she was dealing with, some fans would never stop body-shaming and being hostile to her appearance. They insisted that she hide her thighs because no one else needed to see them.

Others have made overt comments intended to make fun of her transformation, such as her new refrigerator-like shape and linebacker-like appearance.

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