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5 Minute Caramel Walnuts

  1. Prepare the Parchment: Place parchment paper on a heatproof plate. Set aside to cool the nuts once caramelized.
  2. Combine Ingredients: In a medium non-stick skillet, combine walnuts, golden brown sugar, water, unsalted butter, and โ…› teaspoon salt.
  3. Cook the Walnuts:
    • Place skillet over high heat. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes.
    • During the last minute, stir constantly and reduce heat to medium. The goal is to evaporate moisture, darkening nuts and causing them to clump.
  4. Ensure Evaporation:
    • Ensure all liquid evaporates before removing from heat. This ensures proper caramel coating.
  5. Transfer and Season:
    • Immediately transfer walnuts to prepared parchment.
    • Use spatula to scrape remaining caramel and spread nuts into single layer.
    • Sprinkle remaining salt evenly.
  6. Cool and Break:
    • Cool nuts to room temperature.
    • Break apart with fingers.
  7. Storage:
    • Store candied walnuts in airtight container.
    • Last several days, or possibly be enjoyed sooner!

Tips and Notes:

  • Non-Stick Pan: Essential for recipe, prevents caramel sticking and simplifies cleanup.
  • Adjusting Cook Time: Smaller skillet may require additional 30-45 seconds, closely monitor to prevent burning.
  • Additional Uses: Beyond snack, can enhance:
  • Salads: Add crunch, sweet elements favorite salads. Enjoy

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