“My mom has made this for years. Definitely a long-time family favorite.”

Welcome to the world of Southern Pimento Cheese, where culinary excellence meets comfort. This article unveils a tantalizing recipe that elevates your cheese game. Let’s dive into the delightful journey of creating the perfect Southern Pimento Cheese.


Cream cheese1 box (8 ounces)
Mayo (preferably Duke’s)1/2 cup
Extra-sharp cheddar cheese, shredded1 cup
White cheddar cheese, shredded1 cup
Garlic powder1/4 teaspoon
Onion powder1/4 teaspoon
Dry mustard1/4 teaspoon
Ground cayenne pepper1/2 teaspoon
Worcestershire sauce2 teaspoons
Mirin (optional)1/2 teaspoon
Diced pimentos, drained1 (4 ounce) jar
SaltTo taste
PepperTo taste


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